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    Sharing QVW Files allowed?

      Assuming i own a qvw license does the Qlikview License Agreement allow me to share the qlikview file data to someone else? (i.e. someone gives me his data wants it analysed. I do the analysis and prepare a result dashboard (qvw file) and share this by giving a copy of this file)


      a) is this allowed?

      if yes,

           b) what kind of license do i need?

           c) what kind of license do the other party need?


      i am not looking for a server solution, but something like sharing an Excel File/Power Point.

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          Rakesh Mehta

          Anyone opening a QVW file needs to have either server based lease license, or QVLC - QlikView Local Client license.

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              Thank you,

              i was aware of this, assuming both parties have local (stand alone) client license.


              Is it from Qlikview licensing perspective allowed to do such a business (charging for the analysis service and providing the result as a file). If i am looking at the license agreement it is not clear to me. (e.g. some limitations regarding Server-Versions, "only on a remote basis")

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                  Stefan Wühl

                  As far as I know from personal experience, there are indeed license restrictions when you try building a service based on QV, but in our case, we were thinking about a server based service.


                  I personally think the restrictions would not apply if each partner buys an individual desktop client license, but to clarify any doubt, please contact your local QV sales rep or your partner manager.

                  There might be subtle details involved in your business case, regional license differences etc. And I would never just trust information coming from a community of mostly volunteers (including myself)  to base my business model on.




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                    Bill Britt

                    Your best bet here is to talk to your account manager. No one on the forum can answer this question for you and I would not take the advise from the forum on a legal question.