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    Dynamic rollup expression in listbox?

      I am trying to persuade the list box to display an aggregate and a field something like this:


      (133) Asia

      (76) Europe

      (90) North America



      I have not found that magic expression that will make this happen.


      I have tried two approaches: constructing a field that when evaluated will yield the desired value and using a variable with a parameter that will evaluate to the desired value:


      Variable expression in list box:




      Variable defined as:


      SET vDynaRollup = '('&Sum({$<Ancestor={$1}>}Count)&') '&$1;


      Evaluation of field in list box expression:




      Example value of Rollup:


      Sum({$<Ancestor={'Argentina'}>}Count)&' Argentina'


      Either of these attempts results in a list box with no contents.


      As a second best attempt, I tried adding an expression evaluating either the variable or field to a list box displaying just a field and while it work (field values are displayed), the sum is always zero.


      Can a list box expression be used to display a rollup aggregate or am I SOL?


      (See attached for an example.)