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    3 Gb archive

      Good morning everyone,


      I would know if how someone is moving with a 3Gb's archives in Qlikview.
      I have a servidor license and the archive could be 3Gb (and growing), can Qlikview show this information to a group of people with efficiency? or it's better convert the archive in less gigabytes?.
      How is available with efficiency QV for run?

      Thanks for viewing my question and give an answer.


      Carmen Jiménez

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          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

          Hi Carmen,


          It largely depends on several factors: how complex is the data model, how many tables do you have in your model and how are they linked, how complex are your expressions, how many charts do you have in a single sheet, how many users are going to be checking the application at the same time, how many rows are there...


          As a general rule, I wouldn't mind at the disk usage rather than the RAM usage, meaning that if the file uses 3Gb of hard disk, it's likely to use 12+ Gb RAM.


          QlikView can use the 100% of your CPU and RAM, and that's fine if that's what you expect. You can scale up, adding more memory and better CPUs, or create a cluster and balance the load. QlikView Server does not have a memory limitation depending on the license if that's what you mean.


          It's quite a vague question to answer safely, however, I'd say that you better make smaller files according to the different profiles (general management team, area managers, sales persons...). Anyway, we need a lot more information to ensure whether or not the application will run fine.


          Hope that helps.