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    IE Plugin fails to work



      I've been looking into a problem with the IE Plugin for some time now and can't seem to work out the solution.

      Having searched frantically through Qlikview documentation and the community has unfortunately not helped either...


      Yesterday someone came up to me to tell me the IE Plugin didn't work anymore.

      It's just showing the following message:

      qvp://<server>;http/<document>.qvw?iis_authenticate=<auth code>&tunneler=http%3A//<server>/scripts/QVSTunnel.dll%3Fhost%3Dlocalhost could not be opened


      For security reasons I replaced the actual server/document/auth code with tags.


      Things I've checked:

      - ports 4747 and 4710 are open

      - plugin is installed

      - linked machine name is correct

      - tested the plugin service through the links http://<server>/scripts/qvstunnel.dll?testtunnel and http://<server>/scripts/qvstunnel.dll?test

           ---> this fails

      - tried looking through the management console and config.xml files for a node stating to always use tunneling

           ---> haven't been able to find anything about this


      However the original message is pointing out towards the usage of tunneling, which is not needed in the first place.


      Can anyone help me out with this issue?


      We're using Qlikview 11 on Windows Server 2008 R2 and IIS 7