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    QV User Manager 10 & QMS API - List of CALs Allocated to Each .qvw



      I'm working with the Qlikview Power Tools app 'QV User Manager 10' and have managed to get it up and running without too much issue. However so far I can't work out how to achieve what I need: I want to generate a list of each .qvw on the server that has at least one Document CAL assigned to it and if so how many..


      ***I DO NOT need a list of CALs that have been used / assigned to users as I can get this from the LogFiles or the QV User Manager currently***


      The aim is to have a list of .qvw on each server and to be able to cross reference the number of Document CALs allocated to each .qvw and the number actually used (say in a 3mth period).


      So what I need from the QV User Manager is something similar to the below in csv to then pull into my bespoke monitoring app:


      QVW Name     |     Doc CALS Allocated

      ABC.qvw               10

      123.qvw                 55

      XYZ.qvw                120


      It's this value from the Mgmt Console but listed for each .qvw on the server:

      CAL Allocation.PNG


      Once completed when we need to deploy a new dashboard to a server we can easily tell where we have licence head room and it alos allows us to effectively manage our stock of Doc CALs.


      Many thanks,