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    Scripting problem.

      How do I write an expression with conditions?


      I have two date fields (referred and qualified). I want to write an experssion that says:


      if the referred date field has an entry and the qualified date field has an entry, then do sum(qualified date) - sum(referred date) / count(qualified date - refererred date).





      ConsumerReferred DateQualified Date


      So only A and C would be selected, giving : ((1/3/2011) - (1/1/2011)) / (2)

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          Deepak Kurup



          I would suggest the following method


          At script level



          Load Consumer ,Referred Date, Qualified Date,if( len(trim([Referred Date])) >0,'Y','N') as Ref_Ind,

          if( len(trim([Qualified Date])) >0,'Y','N') as Qualifed_Ind


          from Table;



          At epression it would be



          sum({<Ref_Ind={"Y"},Qualifed_Ind={"Y"}>}qualified date) - sum({<Ref_Ind={"Y"},Qualifed_Ind={"Y"}>}referred date) / count({<Ref_Ind={"Y"},Qualifed_Ind={"Y"}>} qualified date - refererred date)



          I hope the above code helps.