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    Displaying Field Values in TextBox

      Hey Everyone-


      I have this table:

      Run NameRun DateNo. of Runners
      May 2011 Run5/1/20111,952
      June 2011 Run6/1/20113,075
      July 2011 Run7/1/20114,724
      August 2011 Run8/1/2011163
      September 2011 Run9/1/20111,977
      October 2011 Run10/1/20111,072
      November 2011 Run11/1/20111,156
      January 2012 Run1/1/20121,593
      February 2012 Run2/1/20121,070
      March 2012 Run3/1/20121,151
      April 2012 Run4/1/20121,244
      May 2012 Run5/1/20121,021
      June 2012 Run6/1/2012654
      July 2012 Run7/1/2012627
      August 2012 Run8/1/2012483
      September 2012 Run9/1/20120


      In order to calculate a "baseline," whatever Run Name a user selects in a list box, I have QV average the No. of Runners of the 12 *previous* Run Name(s) (and not including the selected Run Name).  In otherwords, if they choose "June 2012 Run," QV averages the No. of Runners from the Run Name of May 2011 Run to May 2012 Run.  Likewise, if they choose "August 2011 Run,"  No. of Runners will be averaged from Run Name "May 2011 Run" to "July 2011 Run."


      That said, I have all of my aggregation functions working properly, however I want to *display* the Run Names contained in the baseline within a Text Box saying (in the Case of choosing "August 2011 Run"):


      Baseline is calculated from the "May 2011 Run" to "July 2011 Run."


      A couple of other twists:

      1. The average should not exceed the 12 "Run Name." In other words, in my average calculations, if user selects "September 2012 Run" the baseline average will be from "August 2011 Run" to "August 2012 Run"

      2. Notice that there is no "December 2011" run.


      How do I accomplish this?