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    QMSAPI Authentication?



      Busy following the tutorials and sample code found scattered around here, finally got it to work (or build at least), but I'm now sitting with an issue where nothing happens (no code fires, not even MessageBox.Show) after this call:


      Dim qdsService As ServiceInfo = apiClient.GetServices(ServiceTypes.QlikViewServer).FirstOrDefault()


      The form loads (there's additional stuff that needs to happen that's not related to QMSAPI) but no MessageBox.Show fires at all (which should happen)


      Now I'm not entirely sure why or what happens, but it could be that the Domain I'm logged into requires credentials to access the http://ourserver:4799/QMS/Service


      Normally you'd be able to set some NetworkCredentials within VB.NET (or C#) so that your application can authenticate on the domain, but the QMSAPI has no way of setting those credentials.


      Can anyone help me so I can just get this to work finally?

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          Hi there,


          Is the user that is running the application in the "QlikView Management API" group on the server where QMS is running?



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              It looks like I'm not, how do I go about adding myself?


              (I had to revert to using c# to get a meaningful error message and after your reply I saw I'm just on Qlikview Administrators)

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                  Start -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Local Users and Groups -> Groups


                  Now right click, do New Group and give it the name "QlikView Management API". I don't think the description matters but this is what I used:


                  "Users in this group have the right to consume and use the QlikView Management Service API"


                  Now open the group, click add and put the fully qualified AD username in (e.g. DOMAIN\username) and click OK.


                  That should do it, if that user is currently logged into that server you might have to log off and on again. I was stumped by this exact issue for a while as well, maybe in future versions of QV this group will be added by default!