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    Can Publisher perform a script EXECUTE that calls qv.exe?

    Phil Bishop

      I am trying to set up a process in QV Publisher V11 SR1 where Publisher will
      reload a QlikView document that contains an EXECUTE command that calls qv.exe
      to reload another QlikView document. The reason is that I am trying to find a
      work-around to the Publisher limitation of not executing macros, since I need
      to eventually execute a macro post reload to export some tables.

      I have set up the QV Documents with EXECUTE of a BAT file that contains an
      execute of qv.exe to reload a qvw document. I log on to my server with the service machine
      credentials, verify that it is licensed to run QlikView locally, run all the
      processes manually, and all works great. As soon as I try to run it in Publisher, however,
      it stalls on the EXECUTE part. I can see the qv.exe process through task manager assigned
      to the service machine, but it shows no activity. I have provided all script privileges to the service account
      user under desktop QlikView.

      I am simply trying to perform the command line reload at this point. There are
      no macros in the reload document yet, so it is not a macro execution issue. The
      issue seems to be that Publisher will not allow itself to perform a script
      EXECUTE command that involves a call to qv.exe. Of course, there are no errors.
      It seems to be waiting for response to something. Does anyone know of some
      easter egg settings that might allow this?