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    Export to Excel in Windows Vista + IE Plugin



      Issue: Export to excel not working when using IE Plugin & Wondows Vista.

      Resolution: Disable user account control or have user run as administrator on their machine.


      My problem is while the problem solution does work, it is not an allowed solution in our environment, users are not permitted to run as local administrators on their machines.

      I believe the underlying problem is a permissions issue, what I'm trying to determine is where the temporary file from excel download is stored in Vista, my assumption was c:\Users\userId\AppData\... this however does not  seem to be the case.  I was planning on giving the necessary permissions to this area and hope it would solve the problem.



      Download is working in the following scensrios:

      Windows XP  + Internet Explorer Browser +IE Plugin

      Windows XP + Internet Explorer Browser

      Vista + Internet Explorer Browser

      Vista + firefox/chrome


      Not working:

      Windows Vista + Internet Explorer Browser + IE Plugin


      Ideas / thoughts welcome.