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    QVS 11 SR2 Distribution Engine Limitations

    Travis Dirmyer

      Hello Everyone,


      I have been reading through the QlikView Server 11 SR2 release notes and found that QlikTech has stated some architectural information regarding Distribution Engine Limitations (actual text below). I am currious if other QV server managers have been experiancing problems like the ones I detailed below. I have the ability to add additional CPUs to my server, and possibly increase my engines for distribution, but I don't know how much I stand to gain.


      I am running a QlikView Server 11 SR1 setup for PROD & DEV servers where my PROD & DEV QlikView servers have 8 Cores between all CPUs. We experiance issues with running 8 Engines for Distribution where reload tasks fail for odd reasons and it has been a long process to diagnose these issues. While our servers have 8 CPU-Cores we tested running with 7 Engines (-1) and 6 Engines (-2). Operating with 6 Engines (-2) was the only way we could maintain stability. otherwise we would have 0-10 failures per day during reloads where all distribution engines were engaged.


      With the architecture langage regarding the distribution engines in SR2, we're hoping that we can gain a distribution egnine 8 - 1 = 7 for my deployment. And if we purchase an additional CPU to add cores, we would hopefully be able to go up past 8 distribution engines with a max of -1 to our CPU-Cores.


      1. 3.5 QlikView Server, QlikView Publisher and Management Consoles

      ·         “Due to a limitation associated with using Microsoft’s COM objects we recommend that you limit the number of QlikView Engines (QlikView Enterprise Management Console >> Setup >> Distribution Services >> Advanced tab) to a maximum of 9 or the number of processor cores available on the host server -1, whichever is lower.”




      TThank you