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    show data in straight table with a specific date

    lin ye



      Please see the attached test file. I want to show a trend of data in the line graph, but only weekly data (if no specific week is selected, then display the most recent week, otherwise, display the selected week), and new data comes in every week.



      The problem here is, without any selection,  order_qty table shows count of order flag based on week 1-4. But I don't want it to accumulate the count. In the table it should say


      total                      10          2

      123      banana     9            1

      456      apple        1           1


      And I don't want to bring in week field, because that will create a lot of rows. i don't want to display historical data unless there is a reason to. (but some ppl might want to see week 1 or 2 or 3)


      the graph should be a trend (i can't detach the graph, because if i just want to see apple or banana, it wont allow me to do so)