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    bookmark + alert, sends email even if bookmark doesn't match anything

      I've made a bookmark with search:

      =floor(Avg({$<PHASE={'1'}>} DURATION)) + floor(Avg({$<PHASE={'2'}>} DURATION)) > 60


      it checks that total avg Duration(s) of two phases combined is above certain limit.

      It basicly will 'select' the HOSTs that are over the time limit.  


      Then i have an alert that is tied to the book mark with condition.


      This should only send email alert when there is a host that is over the time limit.

      But it sends the email everytime... ???


      I suspect its due to how the bookmark is done.

      When the bookmark fails to select these hosts that go over the time limit.

      It doesnt show empty chart...but acts like no selections were made, and shows all HOST that are under the limit...

      therefore host count will be over 0.


      I only want the alert send email when the host count overstepping the limit is > 0.


      Can you help me?