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    How to Solve this?

    Kabilan Kumarasamy

      Hi all,


      I have a issue.


      How to make a link between table ?


      I have three table 1.Start_Date 2.End_date 3. Info_Table


      These all table linked like below.




      And I have a table like this:


      Key_counter     Start_time

      1                         00:00:07

      2                         23:59:57



      Key_counter     End_time

      1                         00:00:07

      2                         00:00:07




      Key_Date                     Category      QvdName

      (this is a field used

      to generate the start

      time and end time)

      2012/09/06 23:59:57                            

      2012/09/07 00:00:07               Original          Invoice_tab_Aeprod_2012-08.qvd

      2012/09/07 00:00:07               Original          Invoice_tab_Aeprod_2012-09.qvd


      So now issue is If I select the qvd name directly start time and end time list box like this.



      But I wan tlike this ..



      May be this issue reason is key generation.


      And I have attached the script Please find that.


      Please help me...!



      Thanks in advance..



      Kabilan K.