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    merging table fields



      Im fairly new to Qlikview so I imagine this is a very simple question.


      I have loaded two worksheets from a spreadsheet into QV which display the same data but for two seperate organisations. One of the fields on each worksheet is a number for the cost of 21 different items but the heading for this is different on each worksheet e.g "Cost company 1" & "Cost company 2".


      When I try to create a table in QV to show these items and their costs for each company it duplicates the item rows. how do I get one row for each item with the two costs shown next to it?


      I currently have this:


      ItemCost Company 1Cost Company 2
      Item 1350
      Item 1250
      Item 2360
      Item 2240


      And would like this:

      ItemCost Company 1Cost Company 2
      Item 1350250
      Item 2360240


      Any help is greatly appreciated