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    How to reload on one QlikView server, and distribute on another server



      In my company we have several QV servers, in Europe and in the US, and we have a use case where we would like to:


      - reload a document using European QV server - because the data is in Europe

      - copy the document to the US QV server - because the report needs to be accessed from the US

      - distribute this document with the US QV server


      in an automated way, ideally visible as one scheduled task from the European QV Management console.

      So that users can also manually trigger it.


      Note that the european server does not have a publisher license, but the US server has it.


      I see currently 2 options to achieve this, can you tell me what would be the best option, or propose other ideas:


      1. write a small C# tool using the QlikView Management API of both servers

           cons: needs a windows machine to manually trigger it


      2. no C# development, just use existing management console trigger mechanism:

           a. add at the end of the load script a line to copy the reloaded qvw file to the US server

           b. schedule distribution on the US server every 5 minute AND on successful event from another task? -> but which task to use? Database command task which would check the last reload of the document, and return "success" if last reload > last distribution, otherwise "error"?



      Please advise


      Thank you