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    Current Selections box

      Is there any way to list values from a field - line by line in a Current Selections box instead of values appearing as one continuous string separated by commas?

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          Johannes Sunden

          Nope, not really.

          If it's something that you'd like to invest a bit of time in you could create this using a Text Object and GetFieldSelections() and concat() the selections with a carriage return chr() as the separator.. but it sounds like overkill.

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            Nilesh Gangurde

            Hi dalejames,


            You can use the below function in the text object.







            Nilesh Gangude

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              jagan mohan rao appala




              This option is not available for Current selection box, but you can do this by using GetFieldSelections() and formatting the result as required, using a Text object you can display the selections.


              Hope this helps you.




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                Many thanks each of you for your quick responses. I’m trying to show the values that I have de-selected from a List Box containing [Diagnosis 1]. I’ve created a Text Object and tried concatenating with:


                =concat(GetFieldSelections([Diagnosis 1])&chr(13))


                I’d like to see:



                        T39.1 Poisoning by 4-Aminophenol derivatives

                        N39.0 Urinary tract infection, site not specified

                        F20.0 Paranoid schizophrenia


                But I get the following result:


                NOT T39.1 Poisoning by 4-Aminophenol derivatives, N39.0 Urinary tract infection, site not specified, F20.0 Paranoid schizophrenia


                Which still appears as one string. As this may contain several values, I need to break up the values to make them more readable, one diagnosis per line. Have I got the syntax correct in my concat?Any further ideas?


                Thanks again