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    toggle two things together

    lin ye

      Hi 3 things i want to achieve here (don't know if it's possible or not)


      in the test file, there 2 versions, unit and $.


      1. When users toggle through columns in straight table, I want them to view everything in $ or units. how to make the toggle to move together?


      2. The line graph shows a aggregated sum of 2 products, how do i make them shown as seperate lines? (in my original database, I got about 10,000 products, so i prefer to only show aggregated sum if no product is selected, but if users select a limited number of products, say, 5, show as seperate lines)


      3. since there are toggles on both line graph and table, can they move together? say if i toggle to display in units, both graph and table are show in units, vice versa.


      Big thanks. Please let me know which part you worked on. 1 is most important. (3 is somewhat related).