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    questions on documentation

    zhen pan


      I am struggling with some issues with qlikview and I hope that expressor can help.


      in Qlikview, we grab data from different sources, and we are asked to document on what field was used and what qlikview field is mapped to the source field.

      (it is like a data dictionary)

      We have to go to the script and do them manually one by one.


      I wonder if expressor can do that?


      even more, we need to document each expression in qlikview in whats been done, can we do it in expressor?


      If that is doable, can we see some examples please?

      If not, can qlikview do it or suggest something?


      Thank you!

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          Michael Tarallo

          Hello alexpanjhc  -  I believe the short answer is no, not exactly and not yet. Let me do some research and I'll craft a more detailed response and Ill post back here shortly.




          Mike T

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              Diamantis Archontoglou

              Isn't this something that is being addressed by Qlikview Expressor and Governance Dashboard?

              If not, then  what the data lineage is doing on QGD?



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                  Rob Wunderlich

                  I think the OP was asking specfically about field lineage. Lineage data contained in qvw/qvd (and extracted by QGD) report only on complete sources -- files and tables. The data could then be mixed in any way.  There is no way to reliablely say "the field Customer Address comes from database table x. column y". You can make some assumptions based on naming conventions or shop standards, but there is no actual post-facto field lineage data. If you use a meta driven approach to do the ETL, you can get field lineage. Maybe that's what Michael is researching.



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                      Michael Tarallo

                      Hello DA and Rob - currently the QlikView Governance Dashboard is strictly collecting data about the QlikView deployment in regards to QlikView specific application files and metadata (.qvw, .qvd, .qvx and .log - data sources, fields, expressions, objects, sessions etc.). It does not capture any QlikView Expressor related data elements just yet. This is an item on the table for discussion to be exposed in the QlikView Governance Dashboard as well as in the QlikView Expressor Desktop products.


                      I have asked engineering (and open a new feature request) to include comment and descriptive metadata fields on both the schema / semantic type wizards as well as the business rules editor within the QlikView Expressor Desktop product.


                      So when you derive or describe new attributes within a dataflow - you have a means of providing more context to them.


                      Then when/if QlikView Expressor dataflows are scanned and the metadata included in the QlikView Governance Dashboard this information would then be available for viewing in a similar manner to the other information sheets.


                      Kind Regards,


                      Mike T