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    Log Time Stamp Stuck

    Jeremy Schmitt

      I have a log file where the minute column is stuck at 10 and not moving. I have renamed the QVD file, restarted the server, ran the script in another test job... nothing is fixing this issue. You can see the seconds column counter hitting 60 seconds and starting over. Has anyone else ran into this or know of a setting to check for the log file settings? I am trying to figure out where this job is taking so long, but without the log working I am stuck.


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          Johannes Sunden

          Hm.. since it's only the minutes, I suspect that you might be formatting a timestamp using a HH:MM:SS definition instead of hh:mm:ss. That way hours and seconds would still be alright but the capital MM's would be interpreted as the Month instead. If this is the case, then lower case should be your friend