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    Context BI is looking for QlikView experts in London and NewYork

    Vidyut Verma


      We have a small team of QlikView Experts, providing expert services to our clients in London and NewYork. If you are good in QlikView, and like to work with a team of experienced QlikView consultants, work on problems that challenges you (Yes I know, some people make every problem challenging by putting bad code and expressions!, I am not referring to those :-), some real big apps and extraordinary UI designs), get in touch by dropping a mail to hiring@contextbi.com.



         Work with similar experienced consultants

         Learn advance QlikView, grow in Expert services domain

         Deliver high impact applications and solutions

         Highly competitive compensation package

         Opportunity to learn more tools and technologies around Integration and BigData



      Process for getting included:

          a. Provide your summary profile to hiring@contextbi.com

          b. Receive our QV challenges ( If you are an expert, these should be easy for you, should take no more than 2 days to solve)

          c. Respond with answers, and any queries that you have ( Good questions also carry some weightage, as QV developer, asking right questions ontime is so important!!)

          d. If we like each other, shake hands and roll up the sleeves for your first project with us.