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    Is it possible in QlikView....



      I got a new requirement from my client.I want to develop a 4 report that is in tabular format like....


      DimensionProduct 1Product 2
      Oct'12YTD Oct'12

      Growth % OverOct'12YTD Oct'12

      Growth % Over
      SalesTarget% TargetSalesTarget% TargetOct'11Dec'11Current MonthYTDSales Target % TargetSalesTarget% TargetOct'11Dec'11Current monthYTD


      I never develop and didn't seen like this report in qlikview.In this report product is a dimension,that we can drag from rows to columns this we can do it and measures in green colour also we can do it,but my question is how to display Oct'12,YTD Oct'12 and Growth % Over(which is in red colours) in the table.Is there any way to display these format in qlikview.


      I know we can represent text objects in the top of the table.

      But my client is taking this report from access point and converting it into excel with one click.

      Can any body know the solution for this..

      Thanks in advance,