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    QVS service not auto-starting

      Hi, I'm having a problem installing a new QV 11 server or upgrading an existing one.  I'm working on integrating the v11 SR1 install into our product installation.


      New install: I'm doing a command-line installation as I did previously with v10.  The end result is that even though I supply the credentials, ensure that the user is in the Administrators group, verify the logon as a service right etc, restart the system, license the server, etc., that the QVS service does not auto-start.  I can start the service manually, but it does not auto-start. 


      Upgrade: I'm uninstalling the old QV10, and installing QV11, using the same credentials previously used w/QV10.  Service does not auto-start.


      Am I doing something wrong?  We need our upgrade process to be turnkey (its a fail if it won't auto-start)