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    Drill down issue

    Rajesh Vaswani

      Hi All,


      This is something every simple that I am facing.




      I have an speeadsheet that has rows for division, Policy Number, Indicator1, Indicator2.


      There are many divisions and they have policy numbers under them, indicator1 is a fictitious flag that can be Y or N and in teh same way Indicator2 is again a Y or N flag.


      Bar chart showing Divisions on the X axis and the percentage of records where indicator1 is N and indicator2 is N to be shown on the Y axis. This is done usign an expresion and works fine.


      The issue is that when i select the bar from the chart, I want to see all teh records that have N for that bar. At the moment only the Division is filtered. I tried setting up the indicator1 and indicator2 as dimensions too, resulted in stacked charts.


      Can someoen help on this. Final outcome needed is when bar for indicator1 is clicked, I want to see all the records for that division and having indicator1 as N to get filtered and shown the table object below.

      Attaching the example along with this post.




      Rajesh Vaswani