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    Boolean - different behaviour in QVW and QVD load script?



      I have a rather strange problem with the folowing script code:


      LOAD *, If(WildMatch(...) > 0, True(), False()) AS is_spare_part RESIDENT tmp_Item;


      When I use this code in a QVD, the field is_spare_part contains a boolean value (I assume of type dual) which gets displayed as True/False in the GUI and as 0/-1 when using Num(is_spare_part). The same script - when implemented in a QVW - creates a field that does contain the correct values 0 and -1 but the values would not be displayes as True/False in the GUI. Somehow, the field does not get recognized as a boolean.


      It looks as if QV (QV11 SR2) treats booleans differently in QVD and QVW scripts. Or am I missing something? I just like to understand what is going on here. Your input / feedback is really appreciated.


      Kind regards,