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    Using a calculated dimension...

      This is the first question I have posted so hopefully I can make it clear.


      I have one big table of individual sales, with amongst other things, value of sale and the EmplyeeNo of the person who made the sale.


      I want to draw a bar-chart that shows the number of employees who sold different amounts.


      So the dimension of the bar chart would be something like:


      Round to the nearest 100 ( Sum ( [for each EmployeeNo] SalesValue))


      And the expression would be:


      Count (Distinct EmployeeNo)


      ie I want to look at the distribution of total sales per employee.


      But I can't figure out how to write the dimension. I have made lots of attempts along the lines of


      Sum(Total <DISTINCT EmployeeNo> SaleAmount )


      But they all return errors...


      Any help would be much appreciated