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    And condition between two Input boxes



      I have attached a sample file now.


      Here is little description of the file.


      It contains 5 fields, out of these 5 three of them are Comments Posted (CP) in 4 weeks, 26 weeks and in 52 weeks.

      Created Input boxes for CP 4 weeks and 26 weeks. These input boxes have two variables each (signs and values). Later I will include for 52 weeks as well.


      I want to create a table chart based on these input boxes.

      Expression should fulfill all (and) the conditions of the input boxes. For example I want expressions for 4 weeks and 26 weeks like

      "CP in 4 Weeks >= 4 and CP in 26 Weeks <=10"


      How can I write an IF condition for expression which fulfull the both input boxes conditions.


      Can someone write these expression?


      Please let me know if something is not clear.