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    Filter on Null value in Pivot



      Im rather new to QV, and hope some of you guys can help me out. Ive run into a problem and tried out a few solutions suggested here at the forum, but without any solving of my problem...


      I have a pivot chart and need to filter on Null values of the field called "Ax-indkøb opretdato"... so i in my dataset only see the values with a "-"


      ive tried to do the following, with guidance from some forum posts seen on this forum -


      Null test:

      if(len(Ax-indkøb opretdato),0,1), then i created a listbox for the null test, but it seems like im only able to filter on values with a date, eg. 01-10-2012, and not the "-"


      Null test 2:

      if(isnull([Ax-indkøb opretdato]), 'field is empty', [Ax-indkøb opretdato]), same thing... i created a listbox on the Null 2, and wanted to filter on "field is empty", but i cannot do so.




      Im not able to post a QV file for it, as all data is running on the company server (or atleast i dont know how to include data into a file i can post here for review)


      is there any way to solve this Null filter issue?