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    Problems with QVX read in

      Hello, i am relatively new with expressor.


      I have been set a task to recreate business logic which is currently in QVD files, so that the result can be directly sourced into QV.




      After recreating all logic ect it finally came to running the dataflow - keeping in mind that there isnt any operators currently to process rejected data, i made sure that reject record was opt on.


      After recieving a bunch of errors, i cut the errors down to a few which i seem to be having problems with.


      Since i am the only person in the office who is experimenting with expressor my peers can't particularly help.


      I then went onto making a small 2 input to join to write dataflow, trying to break down the problem to see where the problem lys.


      After creating two .txt files with simply ID, name feilds and one with ID,SecondName fields i then used these as .txt read.


      looking at the result output file was my desired output - ergo if i did this with the same files but in qvx format i should have the same output data.


      So i opened these .txt files saved them as QVD then stored them as QVX ready to use in a new dataflow.


      after recreatign the .txt file dataflow as a qvx dataflow, with the same data (from the .txt) files i received errors yet again. I thren went onto loking at the output qvx file and saw  that the output file was creating the correct feilds, but no data is existant within the generated file...



      any ideas?


      thanks in advance, Rhys Bradbury

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          Michael Tarallo

          Hello Rhys Bradbury,


          Thanks for your interest.


          One of the reasons you are experiencing this problem - is that QlikView Expressor can currently read only .QVX files that are created by the Write QlikView operator only.


          Let me review your discussion thread in depth and will further respond if I have more information to share.




          Mike T

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            Michael Tarallo

            Rhys - one more thing.


            I am curious as to why you would perform this step:


            "So i opened these .txt files saved them as QVD then stored them as QVX ready to use in a new dataflow."


            ...and not just use the Read File operators to source your data instead in the dataflow and therefore write to QlikView using the Write QlikView operator.




            Mike T

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                our target implementation would to be to perform incremental reloads in qlikview, generating QVDs.

                Then Expressor would pick up those qvds, perform business logic operations based on rules and output to QVXs and Database.

                Those QVXs will be used by ceveral QlikView Dashboards.





                in reply to the reasoning behind importing the .txt to qv, then storing as a qvx would to recreate the same process which i had been doing originally -

                DB>QV (export QVX)>Expressor(QVX)>(eventually QV dashboards)

                (.txt)>(qvx)               >(output qvx)       > to be sourced to qv dashboards




                (i was basically recreating the same steps as our current arcitecture)