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    Is it possible to...

    Samuel Vile

      ...only show certain applications to certain users??


      For example, I may have a user named John Smith and I only want him to be able to see the Home and Sports applications on the portal. Is this something I can do via the QEMC?


      Any ideas\thoughts are very welcome.

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          Erich Shiino


          I'd say it is easier to control it on Windows.

          If you remove file permissions for a user, he/she will not be able to see the QVW on the AcessPoint ( read and write permissions).

          You could create folders for each type of application ( one for Home and one for Sports, for instance). Then, set the users that can or cannot see them.


          On QEMC, you need to change authorization for DMS ( QEMC - Settings -> Setup -> QlikView Server -> Security Tab -> Authorization Area - >

          DMS authorization (QlikView controls file access)


          Then, on the documents section, you will have an addition tab - > Authorization. There you need to set, for every application the users that are authorized to open ( and see the application on accesspoint). I'd say it is more complicated...

          hope this helps,



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            Martin Pohl



            by using the publisher you can set the people who can see the application on the accesspoint.

            Without publisher you must set these attributes on the file by windows authorization or using section access with ntname. Then the accesspoint will filter these apllications, too.