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      Why oh why is this soooo difficult....Please can someone explain to me why this is not working:


      =Sum({< [ Date] = {">=$vLastYearDay"} >} [Cart quantity])



      I am trying to force a chart to give me yearly sales/quantities on a rolling twelve month basis starting on the current date so I would have something like:


      2005        2006          2007          2008

      50,352     48.214       75,654        85,920


      BUT the current year would be today() and today()-365

      last year would be today()-365 and today()-730


      Pleas can someone help


      Kind Regards,



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          Is it working when you write it like this:

          Sum({< [ Date] = {">=$(=vLastYearDay)"} >} [Cart quantity])


          If you want to show sales on a rolling twelve month basis starting today, you may create Calculated Dimension in a straight table:




                         'Before '&year(Today(0))-2)))

          Then just sum your Sales in the expression.

          Hope this helps,


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              Thank you so much!!! borislav,


              The expression did not work, but that calculated dimension is a dream...i am now glueing my hair back in!!


              Thanks again,



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                  Glad I was of help.

                  I just want to mention that if you reload your application every night, then you can add the same dimension in your script, as a new CalculatedYear field to your calendar for example. Then you can use this field as a bona fide dimension in a straght table.

                  It is best to avoid calulated dimensions , if this is possible, because they slow down the app. response when selections are made.