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      Hi...I need some guidance on labelling sub-totals please. I have a filed named "Type" and then more fields with values.  After the end of each "Type" we have a sub-total and then a grand total at the end. But the label just says "total" for each "Type".  What I want to be able to do is add the name of the "Type" in front of the word "total", for example "car total" and then "bike total" at the next sub-total etc and then a "grand total".  I hope this makes sense. Thanks

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          Dear Imtiaz,


          Use "Label for Totals" in the presentation tab

          Hope this helps.




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              Hi Mhatim..thanks for your quick reply.  I am already using "Label for Totals" but what ever text I enter in this box is replicated for all the totals on the sheet.  I want to be be able to add the "Type" it is like for example "car", "bike" etc in front of the word "Total".  We'd like unique labelled sub-totals.  Thanks.