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    To show Relative Increment /decrement wrt to previous value.

      Hi Everyone,


      I m stuck with a problem to show relative increment and decrement of sales wen compared to previous year.


      I have a table consisting 2 fields showing Year & sales values eg.




      I am required to make a table or a chart( preferably chart) that must show values of  percentage increase or decrease in sales wen compared to just previous year starting frm 1991.

      the prob is dat even thogh i have found out the corresponding values of inc/decr.using "  =sum(sales)/above ( total sum(sales)))* 100  "   but i have to show them in percentage inc /dec. ie, the decreasing amount should show -sign .Ii am stuck with, how to show the sign of decremented value


      Is there any such method to show this in  a graph?? ..orr any method to plot negative values in graph..??.or atlest to show the result value with % sign alongwith.


      thankx fr all generous response in advance.