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    Problem of selection in Scatter charts

    Tushar Suvarna

      Hello ,


      I am new to qlikview  and i am currently working with scatter charts . Im plotting names of states against longitude and latitude and its working fine and showing me a rough map .


      I have a list object box which contains the names of the states of a country, what i want is that whenever i select a state from the list box only that state needs to be highlighted in scatter chart rest every point needs to fade out ( have grey color ) .  Also when i select a state from the list box  only that states is shown on the scatter charts rest all the points are lost .

      I want to retain every point on the chart irrespective of my selection by also want to highlight the state which i have selected from the list box .


      Is there any way to achieve this?

      . I am attaching the sample qvw file .


      Thanks in advance