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    Select in field action and aggr expression



      I develop employees project distribution model.

      Each employee (ID_Employee) works one or several projects (ID_project) each week (WeekName) and has project load (Load).


      I need buttons selecting 3 groups of employees:

      • Total project load by selected week >100%
      • Total project load by selected  week =100%
      • Total project load by selected week <100%


      The use case is: users select one week and press one of 3 buttons.


      I use expression ='('&concat(DISTINCT if(aggr(sum(Load),[ID_Employee])>1,ID_Employee), '|')&')' and 'select in field' action.


      All buttons work correctly, but user needs to click twice if any of 3 buttons was clicked before. On the first click selection clears and on the second click new selection applies.


      Is it possible to apply new selection by one click? I tried to add actions "clear the field" and "clear all" but is doesn't work.


      Help me please.