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    Access point ignoring color funtion ? Any ideas why?

    Balraj Prabhu



        I'm stacking  5 pivot tables over each other. And in order to hide the dimension names I used the color funtion in the dimension(See fig below with green arrows ).This way I was able to hide the dimension names in all the five piovt tables.




      After deploying the qvw on the qv serveR version 11.For some reason, the lables become visible, inspite of using the color funtion white() or rgb(248,248,248)..the text still shows.(see fig below with red labels)




      I don't want the Dimension text to be visible.

      I have been struggling to find a work around.So that the users don't see the labels on the access point as it makes the report look ugly and strange.

      I want it in this format and don't want to use st table.


      I'm attaching a sample qvw here.


      Any ideas?