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    Macro Query

    Chris Hopkins

      Hi everyone.


      I have the following macro which loops through a region field and prints the dashboard sheet for each region.



      SUB PrintDashboardByRegion

             SET val=ActiveDocument.Fields("Region.Region").GETPOSSIBLEVALUES(100)

             FOR i = 0 to val.count-1

                    ActiveDocument.Fields("Region.Region").SELECT val.item(i).Text

      '             ActiveDocument.ActiveSheet.print 



      END SUB



      I want to change it to instead of printing the dashboard sheet i want it to print a report but i still want it to loop through the same field.

      Can anyone help please?

      The report name is

      Weekly Sales Report.


      We have publisher, but i want any user to be able to do this from the access point.

      Is this possible?