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    Exclude data from a field.







      I am trying to exclude data that contains the word 'Proposed - ' in it.  for instance the values are as follows.

      66;#Amendments to CPO Regulations
      67;#Swap Transaction and Implementation Schedule:
      68;#PROPOSED - Adaptation of Regulations to Incorporate Swaps
      69;#PROPOSED - Agg, Position Limits for Futures and Swaps
      70;#PROPOSED - Anti Practices Authority
      71;#PROPOSED - Capital Requirements of SDs
      66;#Amendments to CP and CT Regulation
      67;#Swap Transaction Compliance and Implementation Schedule


      I was able to hide specific TopicArea2 using Where IsNull(ows_TopicArea) or Not Match(ows_TopicArea,'71;#PROPOSED - Capital Requirements of SDs')  (http://community.qlik.com/message/248036)


      Thank you for your time.

      Is there a way to ignore all those TopicArea2 with 'PROPOSED -' listed in the titles instead of having the whole names listed?