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    New to Qlikview looking for Resources, Tips oh...and HELP!

      Lol. Hello all my name is Phil Fenton. I'm glad to find what seems to be a pretty active user community on Qlikview. I'm a big fan of the tool, but I'm very new to it and I need a little help. Let me expain, I'm a BI developer and I recently started a position where I am taking over the reporting responsibilities there. When I interviewed there was another resource that had some knowledge about the tool and could have provided me with some guidance, but they aren't there anymore and I'm know I'm working without a safety net. So any help you could give would be REALLY appreciated. I have all sorts of questions but I thought I'd introduce myself and get to know the people who are gonna save my life. LOL. I would also love to connect on Twitter on and Linkedin if you're active on those sites. Thanks in advance for your help!!!