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    Set Analysis Formula ? newbie help

      Im fairly new to developing in Qlikview (as well as developing in general) and need some expression scripting help. I previously focused on Qlikview Dashboard UI design, but due to some employee shuffling, im being asked to do more data crunching and scripting.


      Im trying to build an expression where i have the values "FISCAL_MONTH" , "BOOKINGS_UNITS" and "BOOKING_USD".


      what im trying to accomplish is something like this:


      BOOKING_USD (from September for example) / BOOKING_UNITS (from October)


      how would i make an expression that would draw numbers from the last month, then divide that value by data of the current month?

      FISCAL_MONTH data is listed out as 1-12.


      I attempted building this expression (again, new at scripting) but id doesnt seem to work.


      (sum( { $ < FISCAL_MONTH = { $ (=only(FISCAL_MONTH) -1 ) } > } BOOKING_USD ) )  / sum(BOOKING_UNITS)


      any suggestions? am i way off?