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    Merging Group Names into one single Group



      I have extracted all the information from our call logging system and ran it into Qlikview, and in a field called suppgroup I have a list box with the following groups:



      Financial Systems

      Business Developer

      Service Desk

      Service Desk Desktop

      Service Desk NHS

      Technical Support

      IT Support



      What I am looking to achieve is to put the above groups into a specific group.  Please see example below.


      Builds, IT Support, Helpdesk = IT Support

      Business Developer, Financial Systems = Business Systems

      Service Desk, Service Desk Desktop, Service Desk NHS = Service Desk

      Technical Support = Technical Support


      As you can see above, I should only have 4 groups called, IT Support, Business Systems, Service Desk and Technical Support.


      Would someone be able to help me with this query please?




      Jon Ditchfield