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    How to setup security in qlikview?



      I have a application server - IIS webserver on different machines and I want to setup security on qlikview like



      Project 1    =   Group 1 (having access to project)


      Project 2   =     Group 2 (having access to project)


      How ever Group 2 ppl cant able to see files which is inside project 1 folder


      along with that


      Group 1  is having 3 groups i.e 1) Group1 Developer =having edit access on reports  2) Group1 Client admin = Full access on reports  3) Group1 Viewer = only view


      Can any one tell me how to go with this ?


      I mean please tell me in detail as I am new to qlikview


      do i need to go with NTFS or distribution I am a bit confuse here


      Please mail me at mandardhere@gmail.com