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    How to display if selected?

      I have a calendar conrol in my script and a list box in my application showing the Quarter.  The values in the list box are 1,2,3, & 4.  For a calculated dimension, I want to show some data based on the selection of the quarter in the list box.  For example, if the quarter selected = 3, then show X, if the quarter = 4 then show Y, etc.


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          Erich Shiino

          Hi, Sean

          You use an if expression based on this field.

          Let us say the field is called 'Quarter'

          You can use this as an expression

          =If ( Quarter = 3, X,

               if( Quarter = 4, Y)) )


          where X and Y can be any expresion.

          This is will only work if only one value in the list box is selected. To achieve it, you can go to the list box properties, general tab and check 'one selected value'  ( you need to select one value there first)


          Hope this helps,