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    Incorrect totals in a Pivot Table

    Stuart Wenzel

      I have a pivot table with 3 dimensions:

      Critical Crashes 2007 Q12007 Q22007 Q32007 Q4
      Loss Of Control0-100K 952401393665
      Loss Of Control100K-250K 7577
      Loss Of Control250K-500K 2202
      Loss Of Control500K+ 3343
      Loss Of ControlTotal 953404397672


      As you can see, the partial sum totals are incorrect.  The expression is a simple one:




      ({$<[Claim Company] = {'XXXX'}>}[Accident Counter]



      Any ideas how to get the correct totals?

        • Re: Incorrect totals in a Pivot Table
          whiteline _



          Most likely, it's correct.  I suggest you just have some values of [Accident Counter] field that are connected with more than one [Critical Crashes] value.


          Depending on what is 'correct' you have either:

          1) Sum(aggr(sum({$<[Claim Company] = {'XXXX'}>}[Accident Counter]), [Critical Crashes], Quarter)) - to get 964 and so on.

          2) Correct your data to eliminate duplicates - to get 953 as column total sum.