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    One Listbox, Two Fields



      I have a couple of listboxes (year, month, day, ...) that I would like to use in order to filter two different (and unrelated) date fields in two different (and unrelated) tables.


      Is there a way to do this in QV10?


      Ah... and I can't have an expression like "TableAYear & TableBYear" in the Field of the Listbox :s




      Table A:

      IdA DateA

      1 2009-06-01

      2 2011-06-05

      3 2012-06-15



      Table B:

      IdB DateB

      1 2010-07-12

      2 2011-08-01

      3 2012-09-29


      Having a listbox named "Year" with the values of the two tables (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012), I want to select 2011 and QV automatically select the values in table A and/or in table B.


      Thanks in advance

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          Celambarasan Adhimulam

          For this purpose use triggers Which is under document properties.

          Set a trigger on change for the field either Table A or Table B fields and then set the values using get current selections for the Select in field action.

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              If I have the listbox referencing DateA what would be my parameters in the "Select In Field"?


              Cause I've had set an action in the sheet properties:


              Actions: Select in Field

              Field: DateB

              Search String: =GetCurrentSelections(DateA)


              And even when I select a value in the listbox, DateB doesn't get selected =/


              What am I doing wrong?



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                After my initial problem was resolved, i am now facing another problem which is quite tricky (remember user selects fields "A" and fields "B" must have the same value but are "hidden").




                YearA has:

                2009, 2010, 2011


                YearB has:

                2009, 2010, 2011


                So far, so good there the same years in both fields but from now on it gets bad...


                MonthA has:

                January, February, March, April


                MonthB has:

                January, March, July, September



                So, when I select the year 2010 in the "YearA" listbox, "YearB" gets the same value after the trigger implementation but it also gets July in the field "MonthB" since it's the only month with values for that year.

                If I select February afterwards in MonthA listbox, and with the trigger implemented, I would expected QV to "know" that MonthB has no "February" value so it would get Null but no... It remains with the July selection on even after the trigger "Select in Field" fires... :s


                How can I fix this in QV10?