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    New to Qlikveiw



      I am working small company as informatica developer. i have 1 year exp in informatica. i want move qlikview side. can you please any one answer below my queries.



      1. what is job scope in india.

      2. where can  i get training.

      3. if any one having qlikview documents, interview question please send suman.songa@gmail.com





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          hi Suman,


          1. Job scope of QlikView in India is very good.

          2. For Training you can contact Team Computers & Icon Resource in Delhi and Intellipaat in Bengaluru and Predoole Analytics in Mumbai

          1. 3. You can download QlikView documents from www.Qlik.Com


          In my opinion study QlikView refrence manual and explore QlikView community you can get much more.




          - Anil

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            Deepak Vadithala

            Hi Suman,


            As suggested by Anil...there is loads of material available on community, blogs, whitepapers & product documentation. QlikTech's official training is divided into 3 broad classifications: Designer, Developer & Administrator. You can contact QlikTech India for more information on training fee & schedule.


            IMHO - I don't recommend you to jump into interview quesions route rather I think you should focus on having strong foundation knowledge before even thinking of job opportunities. QlikView is different from traditional BI platform and you need to spend time learning & understanding foundation concepts. I make free training videos on different skill levels and you can also check some basic interview questions & QQotD for knowledge check. Here is the link...




            I hope this gives enough ground to get started.


            Good luck & happy learning!