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    SET ANALYSIS Sum for displaying hierarchy relationship in one column?



      I've quite a few hierarchy reports and would like to show the reports a little bit different than the traditional hierarchy pivot reports.


      Instead of showing each hierarchy level in a separate column, I would like to show the different nodes one below the other in a single column.


      For better visualization I've created an example (see below HIER_COSTELMNT.qvw).


      The COSTELMNT should only appear on the bottom hierarchy-level (3). The hierarchy-levels 2 and 3 should nevertheless show the correct SUM of the dedicated node and all nodes below this particular node. I hope to get there with a correct SET ANALYSIS SUM over the NODE_ID and the Path field :



      NODE_ID:   KA10

      Path:          KA1\KA10


      So for the node KA10 all nodes with Path KA1\KA10* should be summed up.


      Unfortunately I can't figure out the correct syntax of the SET ANALYSIS SUM expression. Does anyone knows if this is possibel and what the correct expression would be?


      Best regards,

      Thomas Schmutz