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    Need help in getting expressions for pivot table

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      Dear Qlikview Masters,

      I am brand new to this tool and stuck in below items -

      Trying to create pivot table in qlikview to display departments attributes and fact values for resource type (FTE, Consultants,temps ext) for department groups.(Attached image)


      I am having challenges in calculating below - >>>

      1) Site

      Site is a field associated to employee in database. Now , i need to display the site at department level ( means as a dimension ) which is the site for maximun number of FTE's ( For eg. If in a department , there are 20 Full time employees and out of that maximum are in kensas , then i need to display that site at department level) Tried couple of ways but no luck !!

      2) Ratio

      Total in above pivot table is actually a calculated dimension expression which shows the total number of resources for each department. Note that Total for department will not be changed at all. means not included in qlikview associated functionality.  Group column gives the group total means sum of FTE + Consultants + Temps. Now ratio is - Group / Total. Challenge is in calculating this value , because toatl in denominator is getting changed based on group. Objective is find the ratio of each group in the department. Stuck in getting the right expression

      3) Common

      My last challenge is to get the expression to find the common FTEs for each group. Means if Emp 1 , Emp 2 are common in Group1 , Group 2 , i should have expression called as Common, which will display 2.

      I will really appreciate any help or guidance for above.