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    Distribution by email using publisher query

    Chris Hopkins

      Hi everyone.


      I have a task set up to distribute via email some regional reports. The problem i am getting is that some of the regional supervisors are receiving other regional reports too.

      The reason for this is i am reducing the data by a field called [Operative Region], and when operatives complete jobs in other regions it then send the 2 regional reports to the one regional supervisor.



      If an operative from the EAST team completes a job in the WEST area then the regional supervisor for the EAST will receive a report for the EAST and WEST.

      I have recently made changes so that in the example above the job will be reported against the operator rather than the region but any hisorical jobs don't change. meaning that the YTD figures are still going to trigger the WEST email to go to the EAST regional supervisor.


      I hope this makes sense..


      I only want the reports to go to their own regional supervisors.


      Can anyone help?