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    Labels on Chart table

      Hi Guys,


      Need some good advice to solve the issue below.


      Thanks in advance,



      We have a chart (table) with several dimension and 6 expressions. (see first table).

      Please note that since expressions are 6 different columns, each pair belongs to the same "set" (category).


      I need to add a "label" to each category (as shown in the bottom table).

      i.e. the first set of two expressions (Qty & Value) will have the "Orders" label, the second "Sales" label and so on.


      Need to take into consideration that the table is dynamically created in the GUI (following user's selections).

      The Set (Orders, Sales, etc) can appear or not (as selected by user).

      The user will be changing the width of the columns (so adding a text box is not a good idea).

      The user needs to export the whole table to excel.


      Any good idea?